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    I was very pleased with Dr Hood's care. He took his time during visits to make the best assessments possible. He explained my condition and treatment options in terms I could understand. I would highly recommend him.
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    Adrian Steinmann

    We had a very pleasant experience with our new orthopedic doctor, Dr Hood. He listened and smiled.
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    Nancy D

    I sought his opinion after already being seen elsewhere and told that, while elective, knee replacement is the only option to relieve pain and restore function. Dr Hood said the same after his exam and reviewing X-rays. I greatly appreciated his honesty about my condition and thorough explanation of...
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    Took X-ray and explained what I needed to do, what my problem was and how we could fix it.
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    Terry Hammett

    Mark identified the infection and made immediate, and possibly limb-saving, decision to admit and schedule my surgery two days later.
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    The staff was professional, courteous and efficient. Dr. Hood met all my expectations and was very knowledgeable. Highly recommend him.
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    Ruby Edwards

    Dr. Hood is very kind, compassionate and knowlegable. He gave me an injection in my knee which helped the pain tremendously.
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    Jackie Z

    Dr Hood did my right hip and from day one after surgery I have not had any pain it works perfectly and is great to be active again I would recommend him to everyone Thanks Dr Hood.
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    J. Young

    Dr. Hood is very caring and seems up-to-date on all the latest techniques. He is a very good listener and doesn’t interrupt or hurry you. His staff is courteous and efficient. There was a ten minute wait to see him but that is actually very good compared to other medical appointments I’ve been t...
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    Len Humphries

    I had an unrelated procedure done recently. I noted afterward that there was increasing pain in my back and hip. It was in the area of the right hip which Dr. Hood replaced. I called his office on a Monday and saw him the next day. My new hip was fine, but some nerves in my back had become irritated...