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    Joy P

    Dr. Hood is extremely knowledgeable and very caring. And I would highly recommend him!
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    Gabrielle P

    I found Dr.Hood while searching Google and so far so good. He's the only doctor that has spent more than 5 minutes with me and explained everything about my knee in full detail. He came up with a game plan to attempt prior to considering surgery, and I'm hopeful.
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    Sweatland S

    Very knowledgeable and compassionate doctor! I was very pleased with visit!
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    Angela W

    This was a 2nd opinion on my knee. Dr. Mark Hood is the Best. He does his job well, he explained everything clearly and in detail that was very easy for me to understand. Him and his staff are Awesome and very helpful. I will keep going here and I will Definitely Recommend!!
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    Barbara T

    Got in fast and everyone was extra nice. Must be a good place to work. Very professional. I liked my time there.
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    Sharon L

    I had my first visit at this office and with Dr. Hood. Everyone is extremely nice and helpful.
    Dr. Hood is personable and listens to what you have to say. I'm thrilled to have found this doctor, I highly recommend him.
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    Joseph S

    I’m happy that they have young doctors with the experience and bedside manners that Dr. Hood has on a scale of one to 1to I0 I give him a 100 thank you for a very pleasant visit
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    I was able to be seen last minute. He listened to my concerns and even when I became upset (nothing he did just never experienced the pain I am/ was feeling before so I was frustrated to not be able to continue my normal day to day activities) he was very caring and offered to reach out anytime. It ...
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    Sharon P

    Dr. Hood and the entire staff were excellent!
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    Linda B

    Wonderful everyone was so kind and appreciate the courtesy we were shown. Have a Blessed weekend.