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  • Christina

    After exhausting all non invasive procedures to relieve the pain in my arthritic L knee Dr Hood explained that moving forward I would need a total knee replacement. This procedure being somewhat untraditional with hardware already being present. Dr Hood was meticulous in explaining the procedure and...
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    Juergen H Schmitt

    Very thorough and attentive, genuine feeling of helping the patient recover.
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    W Brutus

    Dr. Good was super nice! I thought I was having hip pain, and after getting an x-ray, and he determined my hip was just fine, we did find out where the pain was coming from.i was so relieved, and was scheduled immediately to pain management. I felt so comfortable the whole time I was there, this pra...
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    Cathy Arnold

    Dr Hood is a very personable, caring, competent physician! I appreciated his expertise and wouldn’t hesitate to see him again.
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    Haley Madden

    Dr. Hood was kind, thorough, and answered any and all questions.
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    Robert Dill

    Clear communications. Patient focused.
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    Linda Pickelman

    First time appointment and it was very comfortable! Excellent time and thorough explanations for my problem! I am sorry I put off seeing a doctor but now I am convinced I found the best for me!
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    Lawrence Hayden

    This visit was very professional, efficient and on time throughout with a good explanation of the possible problem and future follow up. A clinical setting with a clock in the waiting room!
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    Becky Martin

    I felt very comfortable and happy with Dr Hood. He made me feel better when I left his office. I would recommend Dr Hood!!
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    Wendy Massingill

    This was the first time I had been to Carolina Orthopedics and Dr. Hood was so genuine and caring. He came right in with a huge smile and made me feel very comfortable and welcomed. I will definitely go back!