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    Took X-ray and explained what I needed to do, what my problem was and how we could fix it.
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    Terry Hammett

    Mark identified the infection and made immediate, and possibly limb-saving, decision to admit and schedule my surgery two days later.
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    The staff was professional, courteous and efficient. Dr. Hood met all my expectations and was very knowledgeable. Highly recommend him.
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    Ruby Edwards

    Dr. Hood is very kind, compassionate and knowlegable. He gave me an injection in my knee which helped the pain tremendously.
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    Jackie Z

    Dr Hood did my right hip and from day one after surgery I have not had any pain it works perfectly and is great to be active again I would recommend him to everyone Thanks Dr Hood.
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    J. Young

    Dr. Hood is very caring and seems up-to-date on all the latest techniques. He is a very good listener and doesn’t interrupt or hurry you. His staff is courteous and efficient. There was a ten minute wait to see him but that is actually very good compared to other medical appointments I’ve been t...
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    Len Humphries

    I had an unrelated procedure done recently. I noted afterward that there was increasing pain in my back and hip. It was in the area of the right hip which Dr. Hood replaced. I called his office on a Monday and saw him the next day. My new hip was fine, but some nerves in my back had become irritated...
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    Kevin Mings

    Great physician give easy to understand explanations and lots of options to help you get better.
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    Vivian M

    When I met with Dr Hood I had TKR scheduled 8/2/2022 with another surgeon. I wasn’t confident that I NEEDED TKR. DR Hood confirmed I would benefit from non invasive pain management and in his mind felt my arthritis was not severe. We made a plan to manage my pain- no narcotics. He is a confident s...
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    Clearly stated my treatment plan and made sure he answered all my questions. Very personable.