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    Lisa Fowler

    First visit. Dr. Hood was very informative and I was well pleased with visit.
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    Candace Mills

    Dr. HOOD was great. No nonsense. Right to the point on everything we talked about. Answers questions Right away. Great doctor. I would definitely recommend him.
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    Andrea Howard

    Dr. Hood was thorough, patient and sympathetic with my pain and concerns.
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    Miss Roster

    First time seeing Dr Hood he was very kind and I really felt as if he cared.
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    Johnny Duncan

    VERY knowledgeable person!!!!!!!!!
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    Betty Mullins

    I like the DR very much he is kind and he seems like he cares about me
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    Linda Fowler

    Dr Hood was very nice and answered all my questions. He took time to explain my X-rays and I left his office feeling better than I did when I arrived. Thank you Dr Hood!
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    I was very pleased with Dr Hood's care. He took his time during visits to make the best assessments possible. He explained my condition and treatment options in terms I could understand. I would highly recommend him.
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    Adrian Steinmann

    We had a very pleasant experience with our new orthopedic doctor, Dr Hood. He listened and smiled.
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    Nancy D

    I sought his opinion after already being seen elsewhere and told that, while elective, knee replacement is the only option to relieve pain and restore function. Dr Hood said the same after his exam and reviewing X-rays. I greatly appreciated his honesty about my condition and thorough explanation of...